Selleys Blockade is a neutral cure multi-purpose solvent borne copolymer rubber based sealant offering good all round performance.
It is available in grey colour and cures to a flexible rubber with good adhesion to most building materials.

Technical Features

  • High performance copolymer rubber based for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Universal sealant - adheres to most substrates
  • Neutral cure - will not attack metal or concrete type substrates
  • Adheres to many wet substrates, especially if pre-wiped with acetone
  • Good working characteristics, easy to apply and tool
  • Offers good weatherability and resistance to U.V. light
  • Good slump resistance
  • Good paintability - can be over painted immediately with oil based and water based paints. For best results
  • it is recommended to first undercoat with a premium water based undercoat.
    Easy clean up with mineral turps

Technical Details and Performance
Indicative information only, not to be used for setting specifications.

Appearance  A light grey soft paste
Viscosity  12,000 - 16,000 Poise @ 25oC


153g/min. @ 25oC, 36g/min. @ 5oC, 276kPa pressure through 3mm diameter orifice (Semco cartridge)

Slump  Non slump in normal applications
Skin  Time 3 mins. @ 25oC
Tack Free Time 

20 mins. @ 25oC

90 mins. @ 5oC

Specific Gravity  1.26kg/Lt
Solids Content 

80% by weight

70% by volume

Cure  Neutral, will not attack metal or concrete substrates
Dirt Pick Up  Minimal once tack free
UV Stability  Minor yellowing on surface after 2000 hours continuous exposure in a UV cabinet.
Minor yellowing on surface after 700 hours (300 hours light time) of accelerated
weathering in a QUV weatherometer.
Hardness  45 (10 weeks cure @ 40oC Shore A instantaneous)
Paintability  Water based paints, generally good but certain paints may require extra preparation
Oil/Alkyd paints, generally good though some paints may take longer to dry unless first
undercoated with a water based undercoat
Modulus @ 100% Extension  
(ASTM D412)  176kPa (after 6 weeks cure at 40oC)
Ultimate Tensile Strength  
(ASTM D412)  96kPa (after 6 weeks cure at 40oC)
Elongation at Break  
(ASTM D412)  500%
Adhesion  Satisfactory adhesion is achieved on copper, Zincalume®, galvanised iron, hot rolled iron,
milled aluminium, anodised aluminium, bituminous flashing, PVC, glass, marble, terrazzo,
brick, concrete, hoop pine wood, pine wood, jarrah wood and solid polystyrene
Service Temperature Range Suitable for use under normal temperatures reached on roofing materials in service
Application Temperature

In very cold or very hot weather, Selleys Blockade should be conditioned to room temperature before use for best results