SELLEYS ALL FIX is a solvent free, high strength adhesive with instant (fast) grab* on  porous surfaces that eliminates the need for nails  and screws in many jobs. It has a thick, non runny consistency that will bond a wide variety  of materials. 

Safe - no fumes and water clean up. Dries white  and overpaintable


  • Instant grab* on porous surfaces
  • High final strength
  • Correctable within 5 to 10 minutes
  • No solvent fumes, safe and easy to use
  • Non-flammable
  • Fills minor gaps in uneven surfaces (bridges gaps up to 10mm)
  • Cleans up easily with water while still wet Overpaintable


SELLEYS ALL FIX will bond to a wide variety of materials, including skirting boards, architraves, plasterboard, wall panelling, chair (dado) rails, cabinets, plaster coving, carpet and carpet grippers, wood, particle board, metals, glass, ceramics, brick, concrete, cork, polystyrene foam, UPVC and many rigid plastics.



Lump free, air free smooth

>700KPa after 24 hours on
hoop pine substrate

no failure after 24 hours at 40N.

to off-white paste.


Water based filled acrylic polymer system

Specific gravity:

approx. 1.3

Gap filling tolerance:

max. 10mm

Open time:

up to 15 minutes at 25°C

Service temperature:

-10°C to +50°C.

Shear Adhesion Strength 7 days
(AS 2329-19999E):

>2.0 MPa (hoop pine substrate)


Storage: Protect from freezing
Transport: Not restricted.


  • Not suitable for bonding plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene, other flexible plastics and rubbers.
  • Bonds are not water resistant. Protect bonds from water penetration if used in exterior applications.
  • Warped panels may need holding or nailing until adhesive dries.
  • Not resistant to strong acids and strong organic solvents.
  • In cold or damp weather and between non-porous materials, drying time is greatly extended.
  • Do not apply below 10°C.
  • Thick applications take longer to dry than thin applications.
  • Not suitable for fixing mirrors
  • Not suitable for sanding
  • Do not store below 0°C.
  • Instant grab* may not support very heavy items, particularly on uneven surfaces or smooth non-porous surfaces. In these cases temporary support will be required until adhesive dries.
  • When used near brass or copper, the immediate area of contact will discolour to a blue tone.
  • All Fix take stain slightly and colour can be paler than surrounding area, squeeze out should be wiped off if intending to stain.

Remove from skin with soap and water.
If in eyes, hold eyes open, flush with plenty of water for 15 minutes. Seek medical attention.